5 Reasons Why You Should Only Wear Sustainable Swimsuits


5 Reasons Why You Should Only Wear Sustainable Swimsuits

5 Reasons Why You Should Only Wear Sustainable Swimsuits

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second to the oil industry. Textiles produce 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and at the current rate, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge to more than 50% by 2030. An astounding 190,000 tons of textile fabric ends up in the ocean every single year.

Saying that the current fashion industry has its problems is a major understatement… and swimwear is a big part of that problem. Here’s how you can help solve the problem:


1. It’s eco-friendly fashion

When the majority of fashion is contributing to global pollution, it’s important that your swimsuit isn't part of the problem. Sustainable swimwear is made from recycled materials that would otherwise be littering our planet. Anything we can do to remove harmful waste from the environment is a great strep in the right direction.


2. Doesn’t contribute to our growing pollution problem

Instead of adding to our pollution problem, sustainable swimwear does the opposite. By making fabric from pollutants, the amount of waste in the oceans and forests is being reduced.


3. It sends a message to manufacturers

    Switching to sustainable products tells manufacturers that there is growing demand for fashion options that don’t pollute our planet. If enough people refuse to buy non sustainable swimsuits, they will get the message loud and clear. 


    4. It allows you to “vote” with your wallet

      We might not be able to change environmental policy, especially on a global level… But, putting your money where your mouth is allows you to “vote” for clean fashion. Show companies and policymakers that people are now demanding a cleaner world.


      5. Sustainable swim fabric lasts longer

        Because the point of sustainable swimwear is to prevent as much waste as possible, the fabric used to make products is extremely durable and lasts longer than other cheap fast fashion swimsuits. Just another reason to switch to eco-friendly products.


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        Sayler Made swimsuits are made from luxury Italian ECONYL that is created with commercial fishing nets, office carpets, plastic bottles, and fabric scrap waste.

        By turning these old unused materials into new beautiful swimsuits we are cleaning the planet and creating art in the process.

        We truly believe that everyone can make the switch to sustainable swimwear and positively change the fashion industry.